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Facial Beauty Toner Wrinkle Reducer Appliance Massager (2 AAA Batteries)

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US $13.99

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Tired of back? This is a massager that work wonders on your sore muscles, great for your back, shoulder and neck. This massager can help you to relieve stress and give you comfortable experience! You can have fun while you exercise! This is a brand new facial beauty toner wrinkle reducer appliance massager. It has LED working light indicator. Facial massager helps to smooth the fishtail lines, absorb water, introduce the nutrient absorbing and improve the elasticity of your skin. Skincare massager has single button operation and metal touch sheets in both sides. It is perfect for your daily life!
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  • Specificaties:

    • Use "beautification current" pulse current to produce negative ion which is applicable to human eye region and face
    • Facial massager helps to smooth the fishtail lines, absorb water, introduce the nutrient absorbing and improve the elasticity of your skin
    • Skincare massager has single button operation and metal touch sheets in both sides
    • LED working light indicator
    • The wrinkle reducer is powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included)
    • Maat: 16.5 x 3.5 x 3.2cm/6.5 x 1.4 x 1.3in(L x W x H)


    Sasunao Facial Beauty Toner Wrinkle Reducer Appliance Massager (2 AAA-batterijen)

    • Enjoy an invigorating massage with this massager


    • Unwind after a long day and relieve stress and tension

    Toner Wrinkle Reducer Appliance Massager

    • Feels great on the whole body - you won't believe it until you feel it!  

    De voordelen van massage:

    Verhoogde circulatie versnelt de genezing van gewonde weefsels, helpt spoelen het lymfestelsel, tegelijkertijd ontspant en activeert het lichaam, en geeft de natuurlijke pijnstillers van het lichaam. De massage beroertes en strekt zijn ontworpen om het bereik van de beweging te vergroten en de strak-gecontracteerde spieren en ligamenten.  Massage is a complement to other pain therapies and not just a pampering session

    • Verlichting van lage rugpijn en verbeteren van bereik van de beweging.
    • Assist met kortere, eenvoudigere arbeid voor aanstaande moeders en verkorten moederschap ziekenhuis verblijven.
    • Gemak medicatie afhankelijkheid.
    • Verbetering van de immuniteit door het stimuleren van lymfestroom-het lichaam de natuurlijke afweersysteem.
    • Oefenen en strek zwak, strak, of verschraalde spieren.
    • Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts.
    • Verbetering van de conditie van het lichaam het grootste orgaan-de huid.
    • Vergroten gezamenlijke flexibiliteit.
    • Lessen depression and anxiety.
    • Bevorderen van weefselregeneratie, het verminderen van littekenweefsel en striae.
    • Pomp zuurstof en voedingsstoffen naar de weefsels en vitale organen, het verbeteren van de circulatie.
    • Verminder postsurgery verklevingen en zwelling.
    • Verminderen spasmen en krampen.
    • Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles.
    • Endorfine-aminozuren die werken als het lichaam de natuurlijke pijnstiller.
    • Verlichten migraine pijn.

    How to Operate:

    • Open the cover of battery box, load 2 AAA batteries correctly and cover the compartment
    • Switch the button at back upwards and make the antenna like stick at the top of massager touch your eye region for treatment
    • Switch the button at back downwards and make the round metal piece touch your face for treatment
    • After the treatment, press the switch to the middle and LED light off
    • It is common that you feel a weak electric shock or acmesthesia. Please apply more essence oil or wear mask on your face

    Pakket Inbegrepen:

    • 1 x Facial Beauty Toner Wrinkle Reducer Appliance Massager

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Ik heb dit product gekocht

MEP Therapist

from (Tampa, FL)

Kocht dit punt op

00:33:39 12-31-2010 Great item for the eyes and face Algemeen:  
  • Voors: Het is een leuk item vooral te wijten aan de kleinere sonde voor de ogen.Dit gebeurt hoofdzakelijk de functie van een warmere om het product te dringen in het weefsel maar als een stimulator of ultrasone apparaat de verschillend zijn.Als je niet wilt om veel geld uit te geven, maar wil graag een eenheid om uw huidverzorgingsproduct adhance dit is een geweldige eenheid te gebruiken.
  • Nadelen: The instructions were not in English but Dino Direct did contact me and gave me the instructions.
  • Andere gedachten: For product absorption it is a wonderful unit, I would purchase (as I did) another unit that offers either Galvanic Current or Ultrasonic current for further skin care enhancement. Make sure to use natural products that contain natural oils dont use products that have synthetic oil i.e. mineral oil if you want the nutrients to absorb your skin.

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Kevin Louis

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 04-21-2010 Geweldig! Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: My friend has been using this product for months and her skin looks super radiant. Her wrinkles seem to reduce and her skin looks very healthy. I'm excited to see how it works on mine. I ordered it right before Christmas and USPS lost my package. I contacted the seller and they sent another one right away. My experience with the seller has been outstanding. They were very helpful, understanding & courteous. I couldn't ask for more. Thanks!

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

Jessica Wilson

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 04-21-2010 I love it! Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: I bought this product recently and I love it! It massages and tightens the skin. At the beginning it took me a little to learn how to use it. The cup seems a little bit big for certain parts of the body but you just position yourself differently and it is then a matter of technique. I use it while watching tv and it is relaxing, enjoyable! I love it!

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

Jeff Cullen

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 04-21-2010 Excellent for relaxing Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: This product, is excellent for a relaxing experience at home, you can use it on your own, and with your husband, and both can have a nice moment together... i'm new with it, so i can't tell if i had reduced my body... but i hope by a month, i have done something...

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

carlo ordonez

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 04-21-2010 Goed tot nu toe! Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: I don't know in the long term, but right now I found it really good. After reading all the instructions I started using and found it very easy. It has many functions, such as Cleansing, Nutrition, Wrinkle Care, Whitening, etc. It's expensive but I think it's worth it. I didn't see the results in the skin yet, but I agree that takes some time...I'll update soon my review.

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

Stephen Jardim

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 04-21-2010 Helped clear up my skin/great customer service Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: The device is very helpful. I had a problem after 3 months of owning, where it would not recharge. I emailed the company thru their website. They responded the very next day. All that I had to do was thoroughly clean the contacts on the device and the charger to remove the oxidation that accumulated. I now do this weekly and do not have a problem.

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

Mateos Villafranca Pablo

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 11-10-2009 Was very surprised Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: I'd never heard of Dinodirect.com before, and was very surprised to find their prices significantly lower than other online stores (including major 'discount' stores such as Wal-Mart). Shipping was fast, accurate, and best of all - free! I've most definitely found my new source for electronic media and accessories!

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

William Jose

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 10-20-2009 Love ordering here Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: Ik heb hier niet kijken alvorens te bestellen en was benieuwd of ik een fout had gemaakt.Na mijn poging vond ik de items waren zeer laag geprijsd en had gratis verzending.Ik was verrast dat de items kwam sneller dan ik had verwacht (die van Hong Kong) en eigenlijk werken zoals ze zouden moeten.De items werden (scheepvaart) zeer goed verpakt en ook waren van retail-ogende verpakking ook.Ik had helemaal geen probleem van dit bedrijf.Ik zou waarschijnlijk van opnieuw opdracht.

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

Todd Bruin

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 10-10-2009 Everything is fine to me Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: I have been dealing with Dinodirect for about 10 orders, and this is the first review I've ever written, but it's about time I did. DD has consistently done an outstanding job for me in everything I've ordered, from stereos, to phones , to accessories. I have never had to return one item to them, because their online descriptions have been explicit, and because they don't sell inferior products. Their shipping times have always been very acceptable, and many times my orders arrive sooner than I expected. I cannot say those things for another company I recently ordered some photo equipment from (that's an "A" word); their product was terrible, and it took forever to arrive. I have nothing but good things to say about DD , and will continue to use them for all my electronic needs

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

Bruce Hart

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 09-23-2009 My good experience Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: I was unaware that I did not need to go to the catalogue sight on the web and could go directly to the website to find the items that I wanted. After speaking to an online account rep, the matter was quickly resolved and I was able to order quickly and efficiently. The items arrived even before I expected them! Thanks for making my first experience so nice!

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

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