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Artificial Craft Waterlelie Lotus Flowers 2 stuks

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Treat yourself and your home to the classic beauty of Artificial Lotus. Add a touch of style to your home decor with these craft water lily lotus Artificial Flowers. Add a touch of summer to your home with this beautiful water lily Artificial Lotus. Add an upscale look to your home or office decor with this elegant Artificial Lotus. Simple and stunning, lotus flowers provide an elegant look and a laid-back atmosphere for your centerpieces and special events. For your home or as a lovely gift, these Cheap Artificial Flowers are something you don't want to miss!
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  • Specificaties:

    • Add a touch of style to your home decor with these craft water lily lotus Artificial Flowers
    • Voeg een aanraking van de zomer aan uw huis met dit prachtige waterlelie Kunstmatige Lotus
    • Add an upscale look to your home or office decor with this elegant Artificial Lotus
    • Simple and stunning, lotus flowers provide an elegant look and a laid-back atmosphere for your centerpieces and special events
    • Unieke decoratieve accessoire is ideaal voor uw familie
    • For your home or as a lovely gift, these Cheap Artificial Flowers are the ideal gifts for your friends
    • Treat yourself and your home to the classic beauty of Artificial Lotus
    • Maat:  18cm / 7.1in(Dia.)(Big); 11cm / 4.3in(Dia.)(Small)
    • Materiaal:PVC


    ZhiHan Artificial Craft Water Lily Lotus Flowers 2 Pcs

    • Add a touch of style to your home decor with these craft water lily lotus Artificial Flowers

    Artificial Lotus

    • Voeg een aanraking van de zomer aan uw huis met dit prachtige waterlelie Kunstmatige Lotus


    • Add an upscale look to your home or office decor with this elegant Artificial Lotus

     Goedkope Kunstbloem

    • Treat yourself and your home to the classic beauty of Artificial Lotus

    ZhiHan Artificial Craft Water Lily Lotus Flowers 2 Pcs

    Meaning of Lotus Flowers:

    Lotus flowers have been influential in cultures across the world from ancient times until today, from ancient Egypt and India to all across Asia. They have been associated with the human soul, gods and goddesses and featured in stories and legends. The meaning of a lotus flower ranges from divine purity and enlightenment, as in Buddhism, wealth, as in Hinduism, to rebirth, as in the ancient Egyptian religion. Many of the ancient meanings are still in use today

    Artificial Lotus

    Ancient Egypt

    • The Egyptians used the lotus to symbolize the sun and rebirth and it was also a symbol of Upper Egypt. There are three creation legends that share similarities, in which the lotus's symbolism is expressed. In one creation legend, the sun rose out of a lotus that had grown from a watery chaos. The next legend, which originated from Heliopolis, states that from the infinite ocean Nun, a lotus rose along with dirt mound. The lotus bloomed revealing the sun-god Atum. The third legend, which comes from Hermopolis, differs from the second legend only by saying Ra came from the lotus. In writing, the lotus was used to represent numbers. One lotus meant 1,000, while a bush with two lotus flowers meant 2,000


    • In Buddhism, lotus flowers mean purity of speech, mind and body rising above the waters of desire and attachment. The lotus is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols. Different colors of lotus are symbolically used to represent aspects of perfection. There are four colors, which are pink, blue, red and white. Red represents the heart--its purity, original nature, compassion, passion, love and other qualities. White symbolizes spiritual perfection and complete mental purity. Pink represents the Buddha and is the supreme lotus. Blue means wisdom, knowledge and victory over the senses


    • Lotuses in Hinduism symbolize prosperity, beauty, fertility, eternity and eternal youth. Like Buddhism, it also means purity and divinity. A lotus is often used analogously for how people should live. One book that does this is the Bhagavad Gita at 5.10, where it states: "One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the lotus leaf is untouched by water." Lotuses are also used to represent chakras, or the body's energy centers


    • There are five different types of lotus and all are in the water lily family. Two are in the genus Nelumbo and three are in the genus Nymphaea. It is understood that the white lotus, or Nelumbo nucifera, was the sacred lotus to the ancient Egyptians. However, in ancient Egyptian art the blue lotus, Nelumbo caerulea, is also depicted.


    • In modern cultures, lotus flowers are still used with their ancient meanings of purity and perfection, along with reinterpretations of those meanings. Lotus tattoos are meant to represent life, new beginnings and the possibility of people growing to change into something beautiful. An Indian nationalist political party called the BJP uses the lotus as its election symbol

    De geschiedenis van de Waterlelies:

    The water lily is a plant that grows in ponds and streams. The water lily has been grown for centuries, and has been a part of religious beliefs and legends. Many hybrids have been grown, and they are often seen in home ponds as well as growing wild in many parts of the world



    • The water lily comes from the family Nymphaeacaea. It comes from the Greek for "nymph." In Greek legends, nymphs were protectors of springs and rivers. It is a fitting name since the water lily thrives in ponds and streams. The roots dig deep into the ground beneath the water, while the leaves float on the surface. The leaves are called lily pads, and the flower of the water lily will rest on the lily pad or even rise inches above it out of the water. The flower of the water lily has numerous petals that fan out and can be found in many colors. There are over 70 species of water lily.

    Egypt and the Blue Water Lily

    • The water lily is native to Egypt, and is very significant in their religion and history. The Nymphaea caerulea, or the blue water lily, is where the very creation of the gods began, according to legend. In the beginning, there was only chaos. The blue water lily emerged from the darkness. When it bloomed, sitting within the petals was a god. The child was the sun god Nefertem, who began all life


    • The first water lily found its way to England in the early 1800s, where it was grown and flourished in many noblemen's ponds and gardens. The first hybrid came into existence by accident in a glass house owned by the Duke of Devonshire. His gardener, Joseph Paxton, "discovered" the hybrid named Nymphaea devoniensis, which turned out to be a self-pollination of the Nymphaea rubra, or the red water lily. It was Paxton's caretaker, Eduard Ortgies, who created the first real water lily hybrid. It was called the Nymphaea ortgiesiano-rubra
    • The first hybrids in the United States were developed by Edmund Sturtevant in 1876.


    • Claude Monet, the French painter, is most well known for his artwork of his water lilies. Monet had a residence in Giverny, France, where he had a water lily pond and a Japanese bridge built. Monet painted several scenes of the bridge and nearly 250 paintings of the the water lilies. Some of them can be seen in museums, while others belong to private collectors.


    • Many people believe that the water lily and the lotus flower are one and the same. This is not true. While the Egyptian blue water lily is called a lotus, it is really a member of the water lily family. The lotus flower is in the Nelumbo family, and it is native to India where it is the national flower. The difference between the water lily and lotus can be determined by the leaves. The leaves of the water lily rest on the water, while the leaves of the lotus flower are above the water

    Pakket Inbegrepen:

    • 2 x Artificial Craft Water Lily Lotus Flowers

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J. Koss

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00:00:00 01-12-2011 Kunstbloemen Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: Love these artificial flowers! I put them around my pool patio on the fence! They look real and I never have to worry about watering them or cleaning up the fallen petals! I will purchase more of these after!

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00:00:00 12-26-2010 Zoals verwacht Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: The product looks very similar to the picture and are very nice looking. I actually use these as a reward for my daughter. Every time she does something good, she gets to put a flower in the pond. When all flowers are in the pond, she gets a reward. She loves the flowers!

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00:00:00 12-06-2010 MOOI! Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: Ziet er geweldig uit in onze groene ruimte!Love it!en wat een geweldige prijs!mooi ... heb ze in mijn keramische POTS ... kan niet zeggen dat ze niet echt zijn, tenzij nauw kijken en dan nog moeten vragen ...

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Nancy Domnic

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 11-28-2010 Verbazingwekkend Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: This item arrived in excellent condtion. I bought this artificial lotus for my wife on Christmas's day. We vacation in India for a few weeks every year and then spend the rest of the year thinking of and looking forward to returning to, India. This lotus is a pleasant reminder. She loves it and thought it was real. It is larger than I imagined and it looks great!

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J. Walker

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 11-19-2010 mooi Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: Product looks the most realistic of any artificial lotus I looked at. It's perfect in our new bath, calm and soothing. I would recommend it gladly!! Delivery time was perfect and the product is first class.

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Douglas Miller

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 11-10-2010 Leuk Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: These are great cheap artificial flowers, beautiful. I can't believe the great price I got on this item. Thoroughly pleased with first impressions.

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Ken Nihart

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 11-02-2010 Een heerlijk mooi product Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: I bought these for my wife as part of a birthday gift. I try to do something unique every year, and this was just the thing. They are beautiful, almost deceptively real at a glance. They make great gifts and a great live flower alternative should you desire one.

Was dit een nuttige beoordeling?

cyndi Wood

Kocht dit punt op

00:00:00 10-26-2010 Bueatiful Algemeen:  
  • Andere gedachten: These beautiful artificial lotus flowers in multiple colors were perfect for 1 year anniversary. They arrived right on time, and were in perfect condiction. I highly recommend this unique gift. they don't die, look lovely in a bowl.

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